Restaurant Lewiston Maine Meat Alternatives For Vegetarians Review

Meat Alternatives

Many vegetarians who do not eat meat are people who at one time or another may have being someone who loved meat very much. There are variety of reasons why a vegetarian may change from a meat lover to a meat hater. Some of the reasons include health while other reasons may include the way animals are treated before they become someone’s dinner. However, if you ask most vegetarians, who at one time loved meat, if they miss it or not they will often tell you that they do not.

In fact, a lot of vegetarians have found alternative ways of making a vegan version of their favorite meaty dish. There are many prepackaged vegan meats to buy at your local restaurant Lewiston Maine  or you can buy meat substitute ingredients and make a meaty dish on your own. Some of the meat substitutes include tofu, tempeh, seitan, textured vegetable protein, jackfruit, mushrooms, lentils, beans, and legumes.

Tofu is a great meat substitute for chicken, pork, seafood, and beef. Tofu is made from soybeans and is very high in calcium and protein. It has been one of the main staples of Asian cuisine for centuries. Most people who think of tofu will automatically associate it with vegan or vegetarian. Tofu often gets a bad rap because of being tasteless, bland, spongy, or too soft. What many consumers do not realize is that you can purchase extra firm tofu or press it in a way that makes it is as chewy is meat.

A more firmer and grainy meat alternative than tofu is tempeh. It has a nutty flavor and is made from fermented soybeans. It also has a healthy component because it is packed with fiber, protein, calcium, and vitamins. One of the main advantages when using tempeh is that you do not have to press it. Simply dice it, slice it, or grind it up in a food processor. If you find that it is a bit too bitter simply steam it before using it.

For anyone that does not have a gluten issue you may prefer seitan. Seitan has a meat like texture and is also a great source of protein. It is great for any dishes that use beef, chicken, or pork. It’s dense, chewy texture will hold up when brazing, frying, grilling, or barbecuing. You can purchase it in your local grocery store or it is also very easy to make.

Lentils have been used for by vegetarians for years as a stand-in for meat. Lentils can replace ground beef quite easily and they make a hearty dish. You can purchase lentils in a variety of colors including brown, black, red, and green. They are inexpensive and cook up quickly. A small amount of lentils truly do go a long way.

Yes, there are many excellent meat alternatives for anyone who wants to reduce their meat intake or who wants to become a vegetarian. Also, there are many tasty recipes that you can try online if in Maine there are many   Restaurant in Lewiston Maine to stop by and try . For example, give a lentil hamburger a try and see how tasty it is.